It all started with a dream … by a boy who built model gliders.


It turned to a vision … by a young pilot who studied electrical and mechanical engineering. 


And then it became a decision … TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD OF GLIDING.          




LZ design d.o.o. was established in 2010 and is located in the heart of Europe, in Slovenia. The company and it's employees combine a vast amount of know-how, good ideas and plenty of enthusiasm.


Our main activity is development and production of an innovative FES (Front Electric Self-launch / Self-sustainer) propulsion system for sailplanes. FES is entirely our product - from the idea to the final production and assembly.


We can also offer our R&D capabilities, production and consulting in area of sport aviation, composite technologies and mechanical engineering. We have a good connection with our international partners, and we represent their products on our market.








  1. 2009

    - FES system prototype development and installation into LAK 17A sailplane.

    - 1st FES test flight in October

  2. 2010

    - LZ design Ltd. is established

    - LZ design and FES presented at AERO - Friedrichshafen

    - Best Innovation award - IFIA

    - FES system installed into LAK17B - for JSC Sportine Aviacija ir Ko (Lithuania)

    - First FES appearence on WGC2010 - Szeged

  3. 2011

    FES further development:

    - 1st installation into Silent 2 - for Alisport (Italy)

    - 1st FES self-launching test flights with Silent 2 Electro and LAK17A FES

    - Presentation at AERO and participation at Berblinger Prize competition

  4. 2012

    1st flight of AS13,5m FES, Albastar (Slovenia)

  5. 2013

    FES further development:

    - introduction of FES Bridge

  6. 2014

    - Achived EASA certification of LAK17B FES

    During AERO 2014 in Friedrichafen presented:

    - 1st Ventus 2cxa FES, Schempp-Hirth (Germany)

  7. 2015

    During AERO 2015 in Friedrichafen presented:

    - 1st Discus 2c FES, Schempp-Hirth (Germany)

    - 1st HPH304 ES, HPH Sailplanes (Czech Republic)


  8. 2016

    - 1st flight of Diana 2 FES, Avionic (Poland)

  9. 2017

    - OSTIV prize to Luka Znidarsic for developing a simple electric powered propulsion system, allowing easy and safe operation and usable for wide range of sailplanes.


    - EASA certification of Discus 2c FES, Schempp Hirth

    - 1st flight of Ventus 3 FES, Schempp Hirth


  10. 2018

    Modification of 150 pairs of FES battery packs - protection against fire.

  11. 2019

    - 1st FES for LS8-e, DG Flugzeugbau (Germany)

    - 1st E-glide competition in Italy


  12. 2020

    - 200th FES equipped sailplane

    - DG1001-e, first FES twoseater


    - 2nd  E-glide competition in Germany

Luka Žnidaršič – CEO at LZ design d.o.o.



Matjaž Brus 

Jurij Martinčič

Tadej Poropat 



Ana Bencak 


Luka Žnidaršič – CEO, inventor of FES system 

From early youth Luka was passionate builder and designer of many free flying and RC models. At age 15 he started with gliding and soon he become the winner of his first nationals as the youngest competitor. Luka participated on many international gliding competitions, including four WGC. Winner or Euroglide 2018, and E-glide 2019. He achieved 1000km diploma, 3300 flying hours, on more than 40 different sailplane types. First glider with FES was Luka’s personal LAK17A. Today he is flying his Ventus-3 FES “LZ”.

He completed secondary school of Electrical engineering, and graduated from Aeronautical engineering at the University of Ljubljana. He is also a specialist in CAD/CAM technologies and experienced in sailplane tuning and repairs.



Matija Žnidaršič –developer of FES Motor

Luka's father Matija was also a model builder. He completed secondary school of Electrical engineering and later graduated from Mechanical engineering at the University of Ljubljana. He is an experienced cross-country pilot and gliding instructor with about 3000 gliding hours. Electric motors are his passion. FES brushless motor is mainly his development. He is flying his Duo Discus "ZM".  

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